Anisya (anisya) wrote in allyouwant,

and sure to check out S1 on!

SOCIETY 1: Exclusive Live Interview on with Messy Stench

All four members of SOCIETY 1 - frontman Matt "The Lord" Zane, guitarist Sin, bassist Dirt, and new drummer Berzerk Kirk - will be appearing on for an exclusive live in-studio interview with host Messy Stench. Tune in online to on Sunday, February 6, from 1pm-3pm Pacific Time to catch this exclusive live interview as it happens.

The band will be discussing the release of its new album, "The Sound That Ends Creation", and its first DVD, "Fearing The Exit" (both due for US release on February 22 on Earache Records), as well as its upcoming US tour with Bile and Pitbull Daycare.
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