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New Society 1 Record And DVD Feb. 22nd!!!!

Alright people the time is finally here. The new Society 1 record The Sound That Ends Creation and the new DVD Fearing The Exit are being released February 22nd!!!!

That's right February 22nd!!!!!

Now listen to this. The first 4000 copies of the new CD The Sound That Ends Creation comes with a bonus DVD entitled The Creation Of Sound as well as my new poem book Release And Demise.

Pay attention, only the first 4000 copies will be these deluxe packages. That's right only the first 4000 pieces.

Buy your copy in the first week to insure you get one of the deluxe packages. It is worth it, trust me. The only people that are being told about this are the ones who are on the news letter letter list and MySpace.

Now check this out. New music, new pictures, chat room, tour dates and many more little updates on

Have fun. Enjoy the new record and we will see all of you on the road!

10 - The Pound - San Francisco, CA
12 - Paris Theater - Portland, OR
13 - Hell's Kitchen - Tacoma, WA
15 - The Circuit - Midvale, UT
16 - Climax Lounge - Denver, CO
17 - Royal Grove - Lincoln, NE
18 - The Rockwell - Springfield, MO

Headlining the tour are industrial terrorizers Bile; completing the
package is Pitbull Daycare. Kicking off in February and running through March, the tour will take Society 1 all the way across the USA. The first batch of tour dates have now been confirmed but stay tuned as there are many, many more to come!
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