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In case you guys didn't know.....Society 1 DVD

SOCETY 1 have set a November 29 release date for their first-ever DVD, "Fearing the Exit". Included on the disc will be the following:

* The entire record-breaking "Suspension Show", filmed live at The Key Club in LA in March 2004. See history being made as Matt "The Lord" Zane becomes the first rock singer to ever perform a live show while suspended — hoisted up 30 feet above the stage by six meat hooks inserted in his flesh! Features a guest appearance by ORGY's Jay Gordon.

* An entire SOCIETY 1 live show filmed in Tampa in 2003 on the band's tour with TWIZTID.

* "One Way To Hell": An exclusive 35-minute documentary, unavailable anywhere else, offering a gory, uncensored account of the truth behind SOCIETY 1 — the most loved AND hated band on the planet!

* All three SOCIETY 1 videos:

01. "Nothing" — Another record-breaking moment in the career of SOCIETY 1, "Nothing" features the first real suspension by a singer in a music video!
02. "All You Want" — A video tribute to Jim Morrison and THE DOORS!
03. "Hate" — Directed by renowned commercial/video director Spencer Susser (Nike, Snapple, THE OFFSPRING), this is the uncensored version that didn't make it onto MTV2!

* Behind the scenes at "Sin's Ultimate Photo shoot". Catch the backstage action as SOCIETY 1 guitarist Sin gets photographed for a Samick Guitars ad with a bevy of lovely ladies in a tribute to the cover of KISS' classic album, "Love Gun"!

* Behind the scenes on the set of the "Nothing" video, featuring Juliya from Fuse TV's "Uranium".

*A remix of "Hate" only available on this DVD!

SOCIETY 1 recently entered NRG Studios in North Hollywood, California with producer Wade Norton (STATIC-X) to begin recording their second Earache album, "The Sound That Ends Creation". This marks the first recording with the current SOCIETY 1 line-up: founding members Matt "The Lord" Zane and Sin, with drummer Preston Nash (PRIMER 55, DOPE) and bassist Dirt. While "The Sound That Ends Creation" will retain the key SOCIETY 1 elements — "confrontational lyrics, industrial-metal shock-rock stylings, hellbent Satanic overtones" — Matt "The Lord" Zane advises fans to "expect the unexpected." Release date is set for early 2005 on Earache Records.
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