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Hey I just joined! Well I do have a story to share... so here it goes.

I saw Society 1 on May 30th. They were at Orgy's concert, and Orgy is my favorite band... so yea! But when I head Society 1 was going to be there, along with Godhead, I got CDs from both to see if they were any good. They both were, so I was happy.
But anyways, when Society 1 came on I went nuts! They are soo good live. Matt Zane puts on an awesome show... and I touched him! He came off the stage and I held his hand for about a minute. So that was cool. And when they finished playing, they threw their drumsticks into the audience and I got one!... well, half of one :-\ it sort of broke when everyone fought over it.
Then after the concert I went back to buy a S1 shirt, and I got to meet Sin. He is SOO nice. He is one of the nicest people I've ever met, in fact.
So he signed a poster for me, and I shook his hand then left.

Society 1 is awesome!!
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just beware.. about giving them sugary things before they go on stage :P

- its good to hear that u got converted hehe
hehe converted. Woo I take it you had an incedent then? Did they foam? haha
haha...sugar. Don't give splinter (there roadie) gummy octopi either. He goes crazy!!! LOL! Anywayz. I thought that since you like orgy, you might like to check out my band. We're heavily influenced by Orgy and I personally by Society 1. is the site, so enjoy. Oh, and I'm shawn....
hey thanks! I'm Jen, and I'm glad you took the time to make me feel welcomed here.
I'm glad that you enjoyed the show. Welcome to the wonderful world of Society 1.