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Hey I just joined! Well I do have a story to share... so here it goes.

I saw Society 1 on May 30th. They were at Orgy's concert, and Orgy is my favorite band... so yea! But when I head Society 1 was going to be there, along with Godhead, I got CDs from both to see if they were any good. They both were, so I was happy.
But anyways, when Society 1 came on I went nuts! They are soo good live. Matt Zane puts on an awesome show... and I touched him! He came off the stage and I held his hand for about a minute. So that was cool. And when they finished playing, they threw their drumsticks into the audience and I got one!... well, half of one :-\ it sort of broke when everyone fought over it.
Then after the concert I went back to buy a S1 shirt, and I got to meet Sin. He is SOO nice. He is one of the nicest people I've ever met, in fact.
So he signed a poster for me, and I shook his hand then left.

Society 1 is awesome!!
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